Rockstar has been stepping up the free content that you can get through Prime Gaming in Red Dead Online with a free Bounty Hunter License.

Linking your Rockstar Account with you Prime Account

In order to redeem any of the free content in Red Dead Online, you will need to link your Rockstar account with your Amazon Prime account.

It may take some time to fully link and start getting rewards. My initial sign-up reward of $1000 in game cash took 4 days to appear in-game.

Once your account is linked you’re eligible for the free bounty hunter license which would normally cost 15 gold bars.

You can go to the Rhodes town sheriff to start the cutscene that gives the option to buy the license.

Once you have your license, you can pick up bounties from any sheriff board.

Bounty hunting missions are simple, but also a fun way to pass some time and grind gold and cash.

Wrapping Up

While Rockstar does need to focus on new content for Red Dead Online, it is great to see them continuously give out free items, cash, and experience through Prime Gaming.

It keeps bringing me back to Red Dead Online every week to see what’s new for me to claim. They must know what they’re doing because while I’m on, I always wind up playing a mission or two as well as playing some free roam.

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