The mod scene takes another spin dash at the SonicEXE Mod in Among Us.

What is the SonicEXE Mod

The SonicEXE Mod changes the role of the Imposter up quite a bit. The Imposter starts the round as Sonic, and they have new, unique abilities.

Crewmates health is drained each time they are hit by an attack by dropping Golden Rings. If Crewmates collect the dropped Golden Rings, they regain some health.

If Sonic grabs the Golden Rings, the Crewmates are prevented from healing, and Sonic’s Chaos Emerald meter raises. Also, This mod incorporates a completely custom, Sonic-themed map.

Alongside Sonic, Crewmates have the new ability of Chili-Dog. So, once the Crewmates complete all of their tasks, they can use this ability which returns Sonic to his normal form.

Playing as Sonic


One new ability is added each time Sonic’s Chaos Emerald meter reaches a new Chaos Emerald. Collecting Golden Rings increases Sonic’s Chaos Emerald meter. Both Crewmates and Sonic can pick up Golden Rings.

Sonic’s appearance will also change as he obtain more Chaos Emeralds, becoming more and more like SonicEXE.

The abilities are as follows:

Spin Dash – Sonic uses a crosshair to aim at a location on the map and then Spin Dash to that location. Crewmates hit will drop Golden Rings.

Gotta Go Fast – Sonic revs up and bounces around the immediate area. Crewmates hit will drop Golden Rings.

Tail’s Plane – Sonic sends Tail’ Plane at a nearby Crewmate who gets thrown into a mini-game where Tails and Crewmate are both in planes. Tails fires rockets and bullets at the Crewmate, and the Crewmate must try to dodge them.

Spring Trap (1 Chaos Emerald) – Sonic places a Spring Trap down on the map. If a Crewmate touches the Spring Trap, they are launched into space and hit by a laser beam from Dr. Robotnik. The Crewmate them descends back down to the map and drops golden rings.

You’re Too Slow (2 Chaos Emeralds) – Sonic places a timer above a Crewmate, drastically slowing them down.

&Knuckles (3 Chaos Emeralds) – Spawns Knuckles to do a spin dash on a selected Crewmate.

Special Stage (4 Chaos Emeralds) – Sends a Crewmate to a redone version of the Special Stage from the Sonic games.

Sonic Mania (5 Chaos Emeralds) – Sonic summons clones of himself that shoot out in all directions. Any player hit by a clone will drop Golden Rings.

SEGA (6 Chaos Emeralds) – Summons the SEGA logo which causes the letters from the logo to fall across the screen. Crewmates hit by these letters will drop Golden Rings.

Live and Learn (All chaos Emeralds) – Sonic becomes Super Sonic and dashes all across the map.

Check out GameToons Gaming’s showcase below!

Wrapping Up

Like most other mods covered here, there is currently no public access to this mod.

Aside from the lack of a public download link, I think this mod is great. It uses custom sprites, animations, and a brand new map overlay. The new abilities all fit within the lore, and they all work in a way that make sense based on Sonic and the Crewmates abilities.

What do you think of the Sonic.EXE mod? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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