Fortnite has some new, free content available as of today in the shop. The Street Shadows Challenge Pack is available for purchase for $0. What a steal!

How to Unlock the Street Shadows Skins and Items

Once you ‘purchase’ the free Street Shadows Challenge Pack from the in-game shop, the quests that need to be completed to unlock the skins will be available.

Go to the quest page and tab over to the Street Shadow’s tab. From there, you will see the 4 different quests that you need to complete to unlock everything.

The 4 quests are pretty easy and shouldn’t take you too long. I knocked all of the quests out in one session of playing duos with a friend. So, it really shouldn’t take players that long to get through all the quests and gain access to the unlocks.

Completing the series of quests awards various unlocks for players’ accounts. These rewards include a skin, pickaxe, back bling, and season XP to further your ranks in the Battle Pass. The skins look fun enough, especially for some free items to chase down and unlock on one’s own.

Overall, this is a great way for the team at Fortnite to give the community free content, and I sure hope to see more of it in the future!

Street Shadows Challenges

Back Bling – Play with friends 5 times.

Glider – Outlive opponents 500 times.

Harvest Tool – Deal 1,000 damage to opponents.

Character Skin – Complete the above three quests.

Wrapping Up

It’s really cool to see Epic give us free skins in this manner. The challenges themselves are pretty easy, so there’s no real grind to worry about the skin being locked behind. Hopefully, we begin to see much more content like this moving forward as Epic demonstrates that they can give us this type of content in both a fun and meaningful way.

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