Bonemass is the 3rd boss that you will encounter as you progress through Valheim.

With each boss, the difficulty steps up as well as the amount of things needed to prepare for the fight.

Preparing for the Fight

You will need to do quite a bit of iron farming including iron armor and weapons.

Bonemass is weak to blunt weapons, so an iron mace that’s been upgraded will put you at an advantage.

While he isn’t weak to ranged, I would still suggest having a huntsman bow with you as well as some iron arrows.

He summons adds during the fight and is overall less stressful to deal with when you aren’t up close.

Bonesmass also summons a lot of poison clouds during the fight. You will want to brew some poison resistance mead potions before the fight to prepare for that. The fight will be ridiculously hard without these.

Summoning Bonemass

To summon Bonemass you will need 10 withered bones as well as the location of his summoning altar.

I found my summon altar location inside my first swamp crypt. At this point, you should have one, but you will most likely need a boat to get to your summoning altar as well.

Bonemass’s Attacks

Bonesmass’s attacks aren’t that hard to avoid from far away, but if you want to do the most damage, you will need to be up close with a mace.

Bonemass’s main melee attack is a simple swing of his arms at you. It’s pretty easy to avoid but can do some damage if it hits you.

While up close, Bonemass will also summon a cloud of poison that takes a while to dissipate. This is the main reason that poison resistance mead potions are essential.

During the fight, Bonemass will also rip off parts of himself and fling them toward you. This will summon skeletons and slimes that will attack you during the fight.

As with every boss encounter, bringing a friend will definitely help with this fight. Handling Bonemass, as well as the ads that he summons, can get overwhelming very quickly.


Bonesmass will drop his trophy as well as the wishbone. The wishbone is used in the next progression area to find silver ore. It will need to be equipped to work, so keep that in mind.

As with the previous bosses, if you go back to your spawn and put Bonemass’s trophy on his altar, you will get a new ability to use if you choose so.

Wrapping Up

Once you’ve beaten Bonemass, you’re off to the mountains to start fighting wolves and mining silver.

I personally wasn’t a huge fan of the swamp biome. In the game’s defense I never really am a huge fan of areas that spew poison everywhere, looking at you Blighttown.

That being said, at least the iron armor from the swamp is great to look at and a huge step up from the bronze set.

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