Eikthyr, the Deer God is Valheim first boss to tackle.

This boss is also required to craft a pickaxe, which is key to progressing in Valheim.

We’ll cover some things that you can do to get ready for defeating this boss.

Trophies Needed to Summon Eikthyr

You will need two deer trophyies to summon Eikthyr.

You can get these from killing deer, which you should be doing anyway to get a head start on leather.

A bow and sneaking is pretty much a must for taking down deer.

Weapons and Armor Needed for Facing Eikthyr

You will need to do a bit of farming and prep work to gear up for your fight with Eikthyr. You will want to have an established base so that you have a crafting table.

A wooden shield is incredible for this fight – it blocks all of Eikthyr’s attacks and can last most of the fight.

I went in with a wooden club and a wooden tower shield (side note -the shield can also be customized under the “style” option, which is a nice touch). I took out over half of Eikthyr’s health before my club lost its durability.

Bow and Arrows Against Eikthyr

Crafting a bow and 100 wooden arrows will be the last thing you’ll need to make sure you beat Eikthyr on your first shot. You can easily take shots at Eikthyr without being close enough for him to damage you.

eikthyr deer god

Setting Up Shop

While not completely necessary, setting up a small base with a bed to set your spawn can help in the fight as well if you are worried about dying.

When you die, you do need to run to your corpse to get your items. Eikthyr will also not despawn if you die, so constantly having to run a long distance to your corpse can get annoying.

Bringing a Friend

This one speaks for itself. Bringing a friend along for this boss fight is a huge help. While one person grabs Eikthyr’s attention, the other can chip away at his health.

Once you defeat Eikthyr, you will get the materials needed for your pickaxe as well as his trophy. If you bring the trophy to the starting area and place it on his stone, you will unlock his power to use.

For a video run down of this boss, check out Chongish’s video below.

Wrapping Up

Defeating the first boss and getting the materials for your pickaxe is incredibly satisfying. It puts you down the path of unlocking new recipes and building all sorts of new and exciting furniture and equipment.

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