Getting your pickaxe in Valheim is the key to unlocking the first major step of building, weapons, and tools.

We’ve got you covered with the info you need to get your pickaxe and start mining for ore.

Defeating Eikthyr and Crafting a Pickaxe

You will have to defeat Eikthyr, the Deer God, and the game’s frist major boss, to get the materials to craft your pickaxe.

The fight is a bit challenging by yourself, but overall really fun and satisfying.

Check out our article for some tips on defeating Eikthyr.

Once you defeat Eikthyr, he will drop hard antlers, which are needed to craft the antler pickaxe.

For a video rundown on how to craft your first pickaxe, check out Gamers Heroes’ video below.

Locating Copper and Tin with Your New Pickaxe

Once you have your pickaxe, your next step is going to be locating copper and tin.

You will need both of these to smelt into bronze which is used to make armor, tools, and weapons.

Both copper and tin are located in the Black Forest. Tin is located near water in the form of small and shiny rocks.

When you put your crosshair over either copper or tin it will pop up with the name. Once you see that you will know you definitely found it.

valheim pickaxe

Copper can be found in large veins in the Black Forest. They appear as very large rocks that look similar to the ground. Fortunately, when you hover over the veins, text will appear letting you know you’ve found it.

pickaxe guides valheim

Tin and copper are very heavy, so keep that in mind when you go out mining. You can carry about 30 pieces of either ore before you are overburdened.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you’re enjoying Valheim as much as we are! We’re excited to see where the devs go with the content in the year to come.

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