Once you find 5 surtling cores you can make you’re well on your way to smelting and forging new equipment in Valheim.

The smelter allows you to smelt down your precious ore into bars which can be used to craft new and exciting armor, weapons, and tools.

Getting Started with Smelting and Forging

Once you’ve gathered a good amount of copper and tin ore, it’s time to smelt it down to bars so that you can make bronze armor, tools, and weapons.

Need help finding surtling cores? Check out our article on where to find them.

Operating the smelter is straight forward. You put the ore that you wanted smelter down into it on the left side.

You will need to access both the left side, right side, and front of the smelter when using it, so keep that in mind when you build it.

Once the ores are finished smelting, they will pop out of the front of the smelter. You can pick them up, and they appear in your inventory.

They are heavy just like the ore, so it’s a good idea to have a chest nearby to help with organization.


Fuel for Smelting and Forging

Charcoal is the fuel of the smelter. It is deposited on the right-hand side of the smelter.

You will burn through a lot of charcoal as you begin to forge copper and tin bars, so it would be wise to work on it consistently as you are doing other tasks.

While not completely necessary, forging a charcoal kiln will really speed up the smelting and forging process. You can get charcoal from overcooking food. While that is an effortless way to get charcoal, it is time-consuming and will get old fast.

Building a charcoal kiln does require more surtling core’s, but quickly becomes worth it.

The kiln is very straightforward, you put wood in, and charcoal comes out. Multiple different types of wood can be turned into charcoal as well.

Combining Your Ingots with Smelting and Forging

You’ll need to create a forge with some of your copper ingots. The recipe is unlocked when you pick up your first copper ingot.

Once you have copper and tin ingots, you can craft bronze at the forge.

One bronze ingot requires 2 copper and 1 tin. Once you have some bronze ingots, you can start crafting gear at the forge. A lot of the gear requires miscellaneous other materials, like leather or wood. But that should be trivial to gather at this point.

Wrapping Up

Getting enough bronze to make all of the gear you want can certainly be exhausting but also rewarding once you’re done.

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