The newest addition to the ever-popular zombie killing and puzzle-solving franchise has been out for a few weeks now, and I can safely say that I have put enough time into it to give an honest opinion. I can say that I am happy to give a full review for Resident Evil Village.

Overall Experience in Resident Evil Village

Honestly, I am glad that I played through Resident Evil Village so I could write this review.

The game really confused me at the start, specifically with how it would tie into the Resident Evil series and how it would piggyback off of where Resident Evil 7 ended.

After beating the game, without spoilers, I can say that I have answers about how the game ties in. However, I cannot honestly say that the answers were anything incredible or even great plot points.

However, I am not the world’s largest Resident Evil fan, so I just shook it off, and it didn’t really get in the way of me enjoying the game. I could absolutely see how some of these plot points could upset or confuse die-hard Resident Evil fans, so keep that in mind depending on where you fall on that scale.


Performance and Graphics in Resident Evil Village

The RE Engine is a work of art, and Capcom should be damn proud of it. The game runs off the RE Engine as most modern Capcom releases have, and it shows. I had next to no optimization issues when I played the game, even with my slightly dated rig.

The game ran above 60 FPS at all times, and I only encountered one performance issue the entire game. When I got headshots/crits on an enemy that would kill them, the game would lock up for a split second.

I probably could have messed with the settings to get rid of this, but it didn’t bother me enough to dive into troubleshooting the issue, to be honest.

In short, Resident Evil Village‘s graphics are great. The RE Engine allows you to have incredible graphics without major optimization issues.

The graphics that we see in Resident Evil Village are as good as they will ever need to be in a video game for me. I can safely say that if we have peaked with the graphics that we saw in Resident Evil Village, I will have no problems with any game’s graphics in the future.



I really enjoyed most of the game’s visuals and overall ambiance. Without spoiling anything, you do have different environments as you progress through certain parts of the game.

You spend a chunk of the game in the village, as the title would have you believe; I loved damn near everything about the village. My largest issue with the village was that I didn’t spend more time in it.


The story in Resident Evil Village certainly wasn’t its strong point, in my opinion. It wasn’t terrible by any means, and it did make sense by the time I finished; it just wasn’t anything spectacular or nearly as enjoyable to me as Resident Evil 7 was once you beat the game.

The story does tie into Resident Evil 7 and even has some lore that ties it into the original Resident Evil 7 games, although that is mostly sprinkled in at the end.


Gameplay and Controls in Resident Evil Village

The gameplay picks up quicker than it did in Resident Evil 7, in my opinion. At the beginning of Resident Evil 7, you feel like you’re in a horror game with minimal resources. Yet by the end of Resident Evil 7, you feel like you’re straight out of your favorite FPS war game.

In Resident Evil Village, you get that feeling about 30 minutes in. You are no longer some scared guy looking for his love. You get the feeling that Ethan’s done this before.

One of my biggest complaints about the game’s controls and gameplay would be how Ethan feels when you control him. Often when trying to maneuver and run with Ethan, it feels like he’s made out of bags of wet sand. He feels sluggish to control, especially in a situation when you’re running for your life.

You can check out the official launch trailer below in case you haven’t seen it yet!

Wrapping Up

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting with Resident Evil Village, but I can happily say that I did enjoy my playthrough, and I look forward to playing through the endgame content, speedruns, and mercenary modes.

For everything else Resident Evil Village, keep it here.

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