Bandai brings its beloved trading card arcade series overseas for the first time.

A Frenetic, Fan-Service Adventure

Releasing as a standalone package overseas for the first time since its Japanese debut in 2010,

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission launched on the Nintendo Switch and PC on April 4, 2019.

The title features a deep card battling system with over 1,000 cards to collect and create decks with. As a port from the arcades in Japan, there is years’ worth of content to experience and play through.

Players begin the game by choosing an avatar and creating a name. After that, they are thrust into the world of Dragon Ball Heroes. The core gameplay involves creating teams, or decks, with seven cards and using them to battle opposing teams across various game modes.

Each card has a unique type, stat set, and abilities that synergize with other card types. This is where the strategy of team building comes in.

While you can get through some of the earlier battles with any cards you like, the further you progress, the harder the battles become, and the more strategy required. You move units between four horizontal rows, each using an increasing amount of energy, and if a unit uses too much energy they run out of stamina and risk being vulnerable to attack.

The back row is the support area, and where units can recover stamina at the end of each turn. Moving from the back row to the front uses energy, one for the first row, two for the second, and three from the third.

Depending on what card types or being used, and what type of strategy you use, units can do team attacks and special moves unleashing massive damage. A battle is won when the opposing team reaches 0 hp, the total of which is based on the total hp of all your units added up.

As a title that has been regularly receiving content since 2010, Super Dragon Ball Heroes boasts several game modes where players can use their decks to progress through the story, tackle arcade missions, battle other players in multiplayer, and even create their own cards and missions in the creation mode.

Completing battles awards players’ with several random rewards ranging from tickets, which are used to purchase new cards, money for purchasing items, customization items for the card creator, or dragon balls that the player can use to wish for additional benefits.

There is a deep amount of customization and deck creation here, and a plethora of content to dive into. Super Dragon Ball Heroes has also already received a free update which added 26 new cards to collect, and new missions to tackle. So, if you’re a fan of card games or dragon ball in general, this title is definitely worth checking out.

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