Valheim Review

After a solid 90 hours, we have our road-worn Valheim review impressions.

The Experience

One of my favorite features about modern gaming is the built in time-played tracking. This of course can be a double edged sword when you realize you clocked eight hours on a game that you bought after work and its now 2 am.

I have been playing little bits of Valheim recently, and I realized that I finally broke the 90 hour mark on the game. So, I thought it would be fun to do a review of the game based on what I know now and how I feel about the game’s features at this point.

That leaves us with the big question, how different do I feel about Valheim after the 90 hours played mark than when I was around 10 hours in?

Valheim Review
Throwback to Keegan and I’s first base

Valheim’s Gameplay

Valheim‘s gameplay and combat are a core part of my love for the game. It’s simple, yet satisfying and it really does it for me.

It has this great blend of Runescape RPG elements meets Dark Soul’s combat. I really don’t have any major complaints about the gameplay. It is easily one of my favorite parts about Valheim.

The art-style of the game really pulls on my nostalgic heart-strings. I get this PS2-era vibe from the world and environments that really brings me back to my early days of gaming. At least, how I think I remember those games looking. I’m sure Valheim looks better than most PS2 games.

Valheim Review

Valheim’s Crafting and Building

Valheim’s building took more time than I’m used to when starting a new sandbox, but now that I’m more experienced with the game, I think it is pretty well done.

One of my biggest complaints about building would be the reliance on building in a proximity to an appropriate station. If everything could be built within a radius to a crafting station, I think it would annoy me less. But certain items requiring certain stations gets annoying.

It is pretty simple to work around, so it’s not that big of a deal.

I began to have a lot of fun making bigger and more complex bases once I got used to the building mechanics. The building aspect of the game quickly became one of my favorite parts of a new character and world.

How Will I Spend my Next 90 Hours Playing?

Valheim is a timeless game that I’ll be revisit from time to time over the next few years. The developers do plan to release new content for the game, so that will absolutely help its longevity. With the major patch coming up, I would like to spend another 90 hours playing with others instead of solo.

Wrapping Up

I have a multiplayer server that I may restart in the near future to try out the newest patch.

Overall, I don’t see my playtime for Valheim staying at 90 hours in the near future. I also look forward to see what new content the game gets as the team grows.

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