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Fortnite Season 7 Leaks

Recent leaked data files have provided tons of insight into Epics development plans leading into Fortnite's Season 7 content and whatever is planned going past that. Probably the most exciting leak would be the free roam game mode. I love Fortnite but I enjoy it so much, I'd love to be able to play it in a way other than strictly PVP.

Fortnite: Catwoman Zero Skin Bundle

It's all about the DC skins this month, and today is no exception with the Fortnite Catwoman Zero Skin! Catwoman Zero Skin Bundle Check out PIZO's...

Fortnite Batman Zero Skin

The Fortnite team has dropped a new DC skin and this time its in the form of a new and unique Batman skin.
Fortnite_ Season_8_Cubed

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Cubed Now Live

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 jumps from the Alien Mothership and into the Sideways Cube Zones in Cubed. The new season is all about the new Sideways Cube Zones that adds covered, bubbled areas all over the map where gravity is lowered, enemies spawn all around, there is no building allowed, and players still have to watch out for competing teams. Needless to say, this will bring a ton of new variations and strategies to the Fortnite experience.

Rick Sanchez Fortnite NPC Location

Everyone's favorite scientist Rick Sanchez has joined the island in Season 7. With that, you can find Rick located in game as an NPC already.

Fortnite: Snakes and Stones Bundle

There is a new challenge pack in the Fortnite shop today, this time its the Snakes and Stones Bundle! Snakes and Stones Bundle For a visual...

Fortnite: New Sica Bundle

Fortnite has a new Menace inspired skin bundle in the shop right now called the Sica bundle.

Nitrojerry 4th of July Fortnite Skin

The Fortnite team has surprised everyone for this 4th of July with a brand new Nitrojerry Skin! Check out all the details.

Fortnite’s New Armored Batman Zero Skin July 6

The new Armored Batman Zero skin is the newest DC themed skin coming soon to the Fortnite universe and it looks incredible!

Fortnite: New Weapon, The Recycler

The recycler is now in the game and is absolutely a unique weapon that works incredibly well with the Fortnite world.