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Fortnite Batman Zero Skin

The Fortnite team has dropped a new DC skin and this time its in the form of a new and unique Batman skin.

Fortnite Season 7 Leaks

Recent leaked data files have provided tons of insight into Epics development plans leading into Fortnite's Season 7 content and whatever is planned going past that. Probably the most exciting leak would be the free roam game mode. I love Fortnite but I enjoy it so much, I'd love to be able to play it in a way other than strictly PVP.

Fortnite: Catwoman Zero Skin Bundle

It's all about the DC skins this month, and today is no exception with the Fortnite Catwoman Zero Skin! Catwoman Zero Skin Bundle Check out PIZO's...

Fortnite: New Weapon, The Recycler

The recycler is now in the game and is absolutely a unique weapon that works incredibly well with the Fortnite world.

Cosmic Summer Comes to the Fortnite Island!

Our first major update for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is finally here and keeping with the alien theme, we are having one Cosmic Summer!

Fortnite: New Skin, Diamond Hanz

Have you been killing it with the stocks lately? Wanting to show off your success in your favorite guilty pleasure video game? Well Fortnite 's got your back then. Or perhaps you just want to play as a living shitpost in Fortnite with an oldschool meme?

Fortnite Deathstroke Zero Bundle and Availability

Fortnite gets another DC heavy hitter with the latest Challenge Cup news; the Deathstroke Zero Bundle is on its way this season as a...

Movie Venom Skin Leaked in Fortnite

Leaked data files have been found for a Movie Venom skin in this season of Fortnite. Found over on Reddit, user SmearReddit posted some images and data file pathways that point toward a Movie Venom skin in this season of Fortnite.

Fortnite: Free Unlocks in Rocket League

Rocket League and Fortnite have launched a crossover campaign with rewards for both games. This is surely exciting news for anyone who is a fan of both games.

Nitrojerry 4th of July Fortnite Skin

The Fortnite team has surprised everyone for this 4th of July with a brand new Nitrojerry Skin! Check out all the details.