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Fortnite: New Event – Wild Weeks

Fortnite has started a new event that will change weekly, which is probably why they are calling them Wild Weeks. It looks like every week there will be new events tied into the theme of whatever the Wild Week is as well as tweaked gameplay.

Fortnite: Ripley and Xenomorph

As part of the Chapter 2, Season 5 addition of seemingly every pop culture character possible, Fornite takes things a step further and adds Ellen Ripley and a Xenomorph as character skins. This bundle includes an Ellen Ripley skin, which features two distinct styles from her appearances in Alien and Aliens, a cat carrier back bling featuring Jonesy, a Xenomorph skin, a character specific back bling featuring the iconic alien bio-mechanical piping, and an alien specific emote.

Fortnite: Raz Glyph Master Skin and Spire Quests

A new series of quests has dropped in Fortnite, this time they are tied to the Raz skin that you unlock through the battle pass. First and foremost, to use this skin, you will need to have Raz unlocked from level 50 of the battle pass.

Fortnite: New Exotic Grappler Bow

Fortnite has dropped yet another new item this season, and keeping with this season's love for bows, we have a new modified bow.

Rick Sanchez Fortnite NPC Location

Everyone's favorite scientist Rick Sanchez has joined the island in Season 7. With that, you can find Rick located in game as an NPC already.

Fortnite: Chonkers Off-Road Tires Update

As usual in a new Fortnite season, fresh content is dropping regularly, and this time it's in the form of an upgrade to some of the cars around the map. From sports cars to big rigs, if it had tires before, they're now monster truck tires with this newest update.

Wild Weeks 3 is Here in Fortnite!

The newest wild week is here and this time its sure to bring on some chaos. Fortnite Wild Week 3 is bouncing themed!
Fortnite Armored Battle Bus

Where to Find the New Armored Battle Bus in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is off to an amazing start. To keep in theme with this incredible season, you can now drive your...

Fortnite: New Weapon Unstable Bow

In true Chapter 2 Season 6 fashion, we have yet another bow in Fortnite ! This time, its the Unstable Bow.

Fortnite: Beast Boy Bundle Available In Shop!

The Beast Boy bundle is now in the Fortnite shop after being a timed exclusive Teen Titans Cup reward. His bundle is fairly cheap...