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Vex: The Gloomist New League of Legends Champion

Vex: The Gloomist is the latest champion to debut in League of Legends impressive roster. This newly revealed character seems to be just a tad gloomy. Vex doesn't quite seem like someone who wants friends, but if she did, her shadow would have to do. The newly revealed character does an excellent job of capturing that early 2010 era and reminds me of how regrettable a lot of my decisions were as a teenager.

League of Legends: Gwen, The Hallowed Seamstress Abilities Revealed.

It hasn't taken much time for the new LoL character's abilities to be revealed. Gwen's scissor-themed attacks have been revealed and have some people excited and others disappointed. Gwen can cast Needlework up to three times but needs to hit an enemy within 8 seconds to unlock each subsequent cast. Each cast fires needles in a line that deal magic damage, slow enemies, and apply Gwen's Thousand Cuts bonus magic damage. The first cast will fire one needle, the second will fire three, and the final cast will fire five for a total of nine needles and nine applications of Thousand Cuts to the enemies hit.

League of Legends: New Champion, Gwen: The Hallowed Seamstress Announced

League of Legends has dropped a new champion announcement today. Gwen: The Hallowed Seamstress will be joining the fray in one of the original MOBAs.