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dokkan7th year units

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle 7th Anniversary Best New Team for...

The 7th anniversary has finally dropped on Global Dokkan, and with that comes some powerful new characters that lead some new teams as well...

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle 7th Year Anniversary Units Announced

The hype for Dokkan's anniversary is always high, and this year especially with the announcement of the new 7th anniversary LR units. The unit hype...

How to Get Enchants in Minecraft

So you farmed your diamonds and obsidian, built your library and are ready to enchant! Now if only you knew how to actually work your table...
Minecraft Enchanting

How to Craft an Enchanting Table in Minecraft

Finding diamonds is exciting, but how often do you think "I'm going to make an enchanting table in Minecraft with these diamonds!"?
Mass Effect June 7 Update

What We’re Playing Sept. 10 Weekly Endcap

Aliens updates, Dokkan Download Celebration part 2, Fortnite challenges, some No More Heroes III on the Switch, Watch Dogs: Legion, and more; here's what we've been playing for the week of Sept. 10.
what we're playing banner

What We’re Playing August Endcap

What We're playing focuses on the writers here at DayOne, what we're currently into, and our general video game interests, overall.