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Loki Among Us mods

Among Us Loki Imposter Mod and Download Info

The Loki Imposter mod brings the mischievous villain into the game as a disguised crewmate. Loki's abilities include mind control, similar to what we've seen in other mods using this type of ability, the ability to tesseract teleport, which is just a fancy name for another gameplay element we've seen in previous mods as well.

Among Us Workout Imposter Mod and Download Info

Depending on how much you liked or disliked the Fat Imposter Mod, you are absolutely going to love(or hate) the Among Us Workout Imposter Mod!
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Among Us Fat Imposter Mod and Download Info

Are you a fan of eating way too much? Well then, this Among Us Far Imposter Mod is right up your alley! Food is the secret to success here.

Resident Evil Village Third Person Mod, Where to Download

Resident Evil Village has been out for a bit now, and the mod community has been exploding; as they did with RE7, they did...
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Among Us Mewtwo Pokemon Mod and Download Info

The legendary 151st Pokemon joins the fray in this latest mod for Among Us. It's great to see the different types of Mod collections growing. We now have Mewtwo to go along with the other Pokemon-related Among Us mods. It would be great to see them all combined together to form one comprehensive mod that really takes the gameplay to the next level.

Among Us Juggernaut Mod and Download Information

This newest Among Us mod switches things up a little and puts some power back into the crewmate's hands.

Among Us Godzilla Mod and Download Information

The King of the Monsters makes his debut as the imposter in the Among Us Godzilla Mod. Godzilla's Abilities The Among Us Godzilla Mod pits the...

Valheim: Northrend Mod and Download Information

It's hard to find someone who isn't currently or was at one point a fan of World of Warcraft. Lets be honest, if you are or were a fan of WoW, then Northrend holds a special place in your heart.
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Among Us Iron Man Mod and Download Information

Among us meets the Avengers in one of the best looking mods yet. When you spawn as Iron Man, you have the ability to suit up, and once you suit up, you don the Iron Man armor and have the Energy Ball, which blinds, Missle which is self-explanatory, and Laser, which is Iron Man's iconic repulsor blast. It's also worth noting that the Laser ability can kill multiple players if they're hit by it.

Among Us Pay to Win Mod and Download Information

This time, it's all about the money. One player starts off as the Imposter, and everyone starts with a handful of cash. You get more money from fully completing tasks, and from finding cash piles on the ground. Players can use money to gamble on the slot machine, turn other players into imposters, place bounties on another player, which means killing them grants you that amount once the marked player is eliminated.