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SonicEXE Mod in Among Us + Download Info

The mod scene takes another spin dash at the SonicEXE Mod in Among Us. The SonicEXE Mod changes the role of the Imposter up quite a bit. The Imposter starts the round as Sonic, and they have new, unique abilities.

Resident Evil Village Third Person Mod, Where to Download

Resident Evil Village has been out for a bit now, and the mod community has been exploding; as they did with RE7, they did...
m2 mod

Among Us Mewtwo Pokemon Mod and Download Info

The legendary 151st Pokemon joins the fray in this latest mod for Among Us. It's great to see the different types of Mod collections growing. We now have Mewtwo to go along with the other Pokemon-related Among Us mods. It would be great to see them all combined together to form one comprehensive mod that really takes the gameplay to the next level.
herobrine au

Among Us Herobrine Imposter Mod

Herobrine joins the roster of unofficial Among Us mods complete with lore-friendly abilities to terrify your crewmates. As we cover these Among Us mods, they become more and more elaborate. The Herobrine mod adds a ton of unique models and areas to the game, as well as completely new gameplay mechanics. It's a shame the game isn't hooked up with something like the Steam workshop.

Among Us King Kong Mod and Download Information

Making its debut alongside the Godzilla mod, Among Us now has a King Kong mod for the Imposter. As King Kong, players can grab crewmembers and lift them into the air, slam them down for a kill, leap all over the map, do an area-of-effect ground pound, and even drop a replica Empire State Building on helpless crewmembers.