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re4 re:view

Resident Evil 4 Re:View

A timeless classic, Resident Evil 4 redefined a franchise, the survival horror genre, which it birthed, and third-person shooting mechanics in ways still felt...

Resident Evil Village Third Person Mod, Where to Download

Resident Evil Village has been out for a bit now, and the mod community has been exploding; as they did with RE7, they did...

Resident Evil: Village First Impressions

As I type this article, it is Friday May 7th and I am jumping into Resident Evil: Village for the first time. I really enjoyed Resident Evil 7 despite it being very different from the franchises other games.
re2 banner image

Resident Evil 2 (2019) Review

Taking place in the fictional Midwest town of Raccoon City, players choose either the role of Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield. Upon entering the now decrepit city, players are welcomed with open arms by the recently infected population. The opening scene has the main characters fleeing a gas station and making their way to the Raccoon Police Department (R.P.D.) in search of answers and survivors. This begins the jumping-off point as you scour your way through the labyrinthine R.P.D., local sewer system, and finally, into the secret underground laboratory where the city-wide outbreak originated from.

Resident Evil Village – Everything You Need to Know

Players can expect a few new surprises as Capcom recently showcased its next title in the beloved Resident Evil franchise. What is Resident Evil Village? Resident...