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Minecraft Snapshot 21w20a Patch Notes

We've got another small snapshot this week with some tweaks to existing content. Lets check out the notes from Mojang!

Minecraft Snapshot 21w19a Patch Notes

This week's Minecraft Snapshot, 21w19a has some disappointing news as well as some technical changes. Check out the official patch notes below.

Minecraft Snapshot 21w18a Patch Notes

While not as exciting as our usual snapshot, content is content! We have a brand new snapshot for Minecraft and with it come some fun changes.

Minecraft: Snapshot 21w17a Patch Notes

It wouldn't be a day ending in "Y" if we didn't have a Minecraft snapshot! Today's snapshot focuses on some ore changes and cave spawning changes mainly.

Minecraft: Snapshot 21w16a Patch Notes

While the Caves and Cliffs Update has been split in two, that certainly hasn't stopped Mojang from continuously pushing snapshots out.

Minecraft: Snapshot 21w15a Patch Notes

Another day, another snapshot. Check out what's happening in the newest Caves and Cliffs Snapshot.

Minecraft Snapshot 21w14a Patch Notes: Ore Drop Changes!

This newest snapshot packs a big punch in a small form. It only makes changes to the way that iron, gold, and copper ore drops when mined. But man, will it create a big change going forward. It adds to the immersion of it all if that's your sort of thing. Immersion aside, this is also great for in-game enchantment benefits, specifically Fortune. Iron and gold farming may not even be necessary once you get Fortune on a pickaxe.

Minecraft Snapshot 21w13a Patch Notes: Goats!

The newest Minecraft snapshot has arrived and with this one comes a new mob, Goats! This one has been long teased since the Minecon biome poll, so I am sure that many people are excited to finally have them in the game. Check out the patch notes below.