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Valheim Update

Valheim Mistlands, Awards, and More

The Iron Gate team has a lot in store for Valheim. From new areas, biomes, armor, weapons and more, the team is hard at work to bring the players more meaningful content to enjoy during their time in Valheim.
Valheim Review

Valheim 90 Hour Review

I have been playing little bits of Valheim recently and I realized that I finally broke the 90 hour mark on the game.
Valheim Hearth And Home

New Hearth and Home Ingredients in Valheim

Iron Gate studios has released a teaser video featuring some of the new Hearth and Home ingredients and items. A lot of the new items and ingredients focus on cooking, which shouldn't be too much of a surprise given the patch's name. I think it's safe to say that the onions will be planted and farmed much like carrots are in the game. I would imagine Bukeberries will be found in the wild like blueberries as well.
Hearth And Home Update

Valheim Hearth and Home Release Date Announced

The first and long awaited Hearth and Home content patch to the hit indie game, Valheim, finally has a release date!

New Valheim Patch Makes Monsters More Aggressive

The new Valheim patch that recently dropped plays with Monster AI, specifically aggression. With that, comes more annoying graydwarfs!

Where to Find your Valheim World Save

Have you recently gotten back into Valheim, like many people, and looking to start a server with an existing world save? Well here's how.

New Models for Bonemass and The Elder in Valheim

Valheim's newest patch has changed some models on some important enemies including Bonemass and The Elder!

Hearth and Home Valheim Update

Below is the full Development News Post. You can also view it on Valheim 's Steam page here. Hearth and Home Update will focus on base building and making comfy houses. While I love Valheim 's combat, I am a sucker for sandbox building, so I have no issues with this.

Valheim: Is Playing Multiplayer More Fun?

Valheim is the newest game to take the gaming community by storm. With millions of copies already sold just months after it's early access release, it's safe to say that the game isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Valheim: Northrend Mod and Download Information

It's hard to find someone who isn't currently or was at one point a fan of World of Warcraft. Lets be honest, if you are or were a fan of WoW, then Northrend holds a special place in your heart.