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Valheim Bosses: Bonemass

Bonemass is the 3rd boss that you will encounter as you progress your way through Valheim. With each boss, the difficulty steps up as well as the amount of things needed to prepare for the fight.

Valheim Review

Valheim is an interesting, survival-crafting experience that painstakingly pushes survival above fun. If you're into the genre, then I suggest checking it out, by the two-hour mark, you won't begin to scratch the surface of the game, but you'll have a feel for whether the game is for you or not.

Where to Use the Swamp Key and Find Iron in Valheim

The Elder drops a swamp key. We'll go over what it's used for and how it helps you get iron. You will want to be prepared when exploring with some starting materials for a new base, as well as a portal. Once you find your first swamp biome, you will want to look for the only building-looking object in the biome.

The Elder, the Forest God Boss in Valheim

The second boss in Valheim is The Elder. He can be a tough tough boss, especially if you are ill-prepared.

Tips for Getting Started on Your First Base in Valheim

Once you get the hang of the building mechanics, you can put together a great house in no time at all.

Where to Find Surtling Cores in Valheim

In order to start smelting and forging in Valheim, you will need to find surtling cores. Surtling cores are found in dungeons that are scattered throughout the woods in Valheim.

Smelting and Forging New Armor and Tools in Valheim

Once you find 5 surtling core's you can make your very own smelter. The smelter allows you to smelt down your precious ore into bars which can be used to craft new and exciting armor, weapons and tools.

How to Craft the Stagbreaker in Valheim

Valheim has some unique weapons that players can craft, so, here's everything you need to know on Stagbreaker. Stagbreaker is a two-handed club weapon that players can craft once they defeat the first boss. For more on that, check out our article on tackling Eikthyr.

How to Get a Pickaxe and Start Mining in Valheim

Getting your pickaxe in Valheim is the key to unlocking the first major step of building, weapons, and tools.

Eikthyr, the Deer God Boss in Valheim

Eikthyr, the Deer God is Valheim first boss to tackle. We'll cover some things that you can do to get ready for defeating this boss. Crafting a bow and 100 wooden arrows will be the last thing you'll need to make sure you beat Eikthyr on your first shot. You can easily take shots at Eikthyr without being close enough for him to damage you.