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An update to Operation 6 has just been announced, and here’s all the coverage you’ll need.

What’s in the Operation 6 Update?

The Coalition is taking a different approach with Operation 6, as they being to wind down development on Gears 5 and move over to Gears 6.

This time around, we get some new content at the initial ‘drop’ of the new operation, with more content sprinkled throughout the Operation’s life span.

At the start of Operation 6, we got three new character skins, check that out here, and a ported map from Gears 4.

This time around, we’re getting two new character skins and an entirely newly developed map.

New Characters

Chairman Prescott, the enigmatic leader of the COG.

Locust Disciple, the newly developed enemy from Gears Tactics

New Map

Alongside the two new characters joining the roster is an all-new map.

Tomb sees players battling it out in the Tomb of the Unknowns, the honorary resting place for those who died in the name of the Coalition of Ordered Governments.

Release Date?

Players can expect to see Drop 2 of Operation 6 drop next week Tuesday on April 13th.

Going beyond a new map and two new characters, The Coalition has even more planned for Drop 2 when it becomes available early next week.

For all the extra little details that will be coming alongside Drop 2, check out The Coalition’s official write-up here.

Wrapping Up

I’m really excited to see Chairman Prescott returning to the Gears franchise. I still remember leaving my Xbox on overnight to unlock his skin in Gears of War 3. So, I’m happy to see him returning, and I’m looking forward to jumping into some matches with him.

The new map looks like it will be fun, too. I’m always excited to see maps with that Slab-esque feel to them (still hoping for that map to return, btw).

I’m also happy to see the little amount of support Gears 5 is still getting, although I would be fine with them just adding what skins they have left in their vault and fully moving over to development of Gears 6.

Are you looking forward to Drop 2? Let us know in the comments below. For everything else Gears 5, keep it here.

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