Gears 5’s operation 6 is now live. That means another round of grinding, medals, and rewards.

Operation 6

Operation 6 is similar to the earlier operations in Gears 5’s life. Basically, shit content.

There are a handful of character skins to unlock, non of which are very inspired.

Last season saw the Gear of War 2 version of Tai Kaliso, and a rift worm themed weapon set. This time, there are iconic skins such as Hivebuster Fahz, and reskinned versions of the new characters added to the store this week, and let’s not forget the puzzle-piece-themed weapon skin.

Taking it one step further, The Coalition really went out of their way to provide players with a new, shiny map ported straight from Gears of War 4.

Needless to say, this operation is another disappointment in a string of disappointments in this game’s lifespan.

But don’t worry, The Coalition promises that we will get more content on a more consistent, and if the leaks are anything to go by, players can expect some really nice reskins.

I will give TC credit for adding a new Horde mode where players fight against sires and hybrid Locust who run around with retro lancers and pipes. This is a really fun, and interesting game mode variant that allows for a decent change in gameplay. If you’re into PVE, definitely check that out.

There is also a new PVP mode called Control, which is a modified version of KOTH.

For more on the new modes, as well as Op 6, in general, head on over to the official What’s Up.

Wrapping Up

The disappointment with this game comes naturally, at this point, and this is no different. TC really had no clue what it was doing with Gears 5 and that has been clear from the start. All we can do at this point is try and enjoy the content as it drops and hope that things turn around with Gears 6.

For everything else Gears 5, keep it here.

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