Below is the official list of all available unlocks for this Tuesday’s, May 18th, Operation 7 update. For the full rundown of Operation 7 content, check out our article here, or head on over to the Gears 5 news section to check it all out for yourself.

Rank Name Reward Name 
Recruit I 2000 Gear Coins 
Recruit II Bone Engraving Loadout Set 
Recruit III 750 Gear Coins 
Recruit IV Submerged Precision Set 
Recruit V Hivebuster Gabe 
Private I 1000 Gear Coins  
Private II 1000 Gear Coins 
Private III Bone Engraving Power Set 
Private IV 1000 Gear Coins 
Private V Drill Master Clayton 
Corporal I 1000 Gear Coins 
Corporal II Bone Engraving Assault Set 
Corporal III 1000 Gear Coins 
Corporal IV 100 Iron 
Corporal V Submerged Power Set 
Sergeant I 1250 Gear Coins 
Sergeant II 100 Iron 
Sergeant III 1250 Gear Coins 
Sergeant IV Bone Engraving Precision Set 
Sergeant V Hollow Storm Sam 
Officer I 1500 Gear Coins 
Officer II Submerged Assault Set 
Officer III 1500 Gear Coins 
Officer IV On Swords Bloodspray 
Officer V Submerged Loadout Set 
Lieutenant I 1750 Gear Coins 
Lieutenant II 100 Iron 
Lieutenant III 1750 Gear Coins 
Lieutenant IV Venom Burn Precision Set 
Lieutenant V Loser Expression 
Captain I 2000 Gear Coins 
Captain II 2000 Gear Coins 
Captain III Venom Burn Power Set 
Captain IV 2000 Gear Coins 
Captain V LOL Mark 
Major I 2250 Gear Coins 
Major II 2250 Gear Coins 
Major III 100 Iron 
Major IV 2250 Gear Coins 
Major V Crimson Skorge 
Colonel I 2500 Gear Coins 
Colonel II 2500 Gear Coins 
Colonel III Venom Burn Assault Set 
Colonel IV 2500 Gear Coins 
Colonel V Finger Wag Expression 
Major General I 2750 Gear Coins 
Major General II 3000 Gear Coins 
Major General III Venom Burn Loadout Set 
Major General IV 3500 Gear Coins 
Major General V 100 Iron 
General Regenerating Ukkon 

Wrapping Up

This looks like another decent bath of content, and I’m always in for more Carmine skins. Based on what we see here, I don’t think I will be getting too deep into this Tour of Duty. Most likely, I’ll grind until I get the new Clayton skin, and then I’ll play some Horde and PVP matches casually and see where I end up.

Are you looking forward to any of these rewards in particular? Let us know in the comments below!

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