Bunny Hunt is Gears 5’s latest limited-time holiday mode.

What is Bunny Hunt?

Bunny Hunt is a sniper-only take on Guardian where only headshots are kills.

As with normal Guardian rules, you must first take out the leader to stop the other team from respawning.

First to eliminate the entire other team is the winner.

There are a few new medals to earn in the Bunny Hunt mode, and completing all three of them unlocks the Rabid Grenadier skin to use in all modes. This is a bunny-themed Locust skin, and it looks pretty neat. It’s a much more lore-friendly skin, so I’ll take it.

Wrapping Up

These events are fun for a bit, you get a decent reward, and then they’re kinda over. That’s just how it’s been with Gears 5. It’s nice to see the developers continue to go out of their way to add these things, but the experience, as a whole, is starting to feel a bit tired at this point, and the flaws that are present within the game are only more exasperated by that.

I probably won’t be going all-in for the new skin, as I only really play Gears 5 anymore as a solo player in public Horde matches. I’m more hopeful that they can pull things around with Gears 6 and reinvigorate the fans’ love for the series.

Have you been playing Bunny Hunt, and how do you feel about it? Let us know in the comments below. For everything else Gears 5, keep it here.

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