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Another week, another This Week In Gears (TWIG) post. We’ve pulled all the patch notes from the Dev post this week, so you don’t have to. Take a look at all the new events this week, including a Classic Horde style where you fight the Locust, shop updates, new E-sports skins, and more.

Weekly Patch Notes

For the full run-down of patch notes, and weekly additions, check out the official TWIG here.


The Versus Brawl banner featuring the mode's logo with Carmine, Marcus, JD, and Del in battle stances around it

Brawl is a TDM variation, with the following notable changes.

  • Players no longer respawn at the traditional static TDM spawn points. They will instead spawn throughout the map – nearer to their teammates and as far from enemies as reasonably possible.
  • The Weapon respawn timers are on pickup, not use. So that this will not create too much power on the map, the weapon respawn times have been slightly lengthened.
  • Players will take less damage from a distance while DBNO – similar to Execution 2.0, Gridiron, and Escalation.

The Medals for this Versus Event are: 

  • Win 5 Matches in the Brawl Versus Event – 6 stars
  • Deal 50,000 Damage in the Brawl Versus Event – 5 stars
  • Get 75 Eliminations in the Brawl Versus Event – 5 stars
  • Complete 5 Matches in the Brawl Versus Event – 4 stars

The reward for completing the full medal group is 3,000 coins!


The Locust are coming to Horde! The units from the Nexus Siege event will be making their way to your bases to destroy you. The bosses will not be coming, so at least you don’t have to deal with Karn, Jermad, RAAM, Skorge, or Myrrah. The Horde enemy sets have been rebuilt to support this change, so it’ll be a brand new Horde Experience!


An ice cavern from The Mines map

The first Hive to feature a choice. Which path will you choose to set the fastest time? Fight your way to the branch and choose your fate.

For more coverage of this update, check out King Abz‘ video below.


The news items in the Gears store for the days between April 27 and May 3
  • Chairman Prescott – 500 Iron
  • Collector’s Jermad – 250 Iron
  • Timelapse Full Set – 850 Iron
  • Prescott Banner – 100 Iron
  • Prescott’s Watch Mark – 65 Iron


The featured items in the Gears store for the days between April 27 and May 3
  • Inside Out COG Gear – 500 Iron or 4,000 Coins
  • Pixel Art Jack – 500 Iron or 4,000 Coins
  • Pixelated Legacy Weapon Set – 425 Iron or 3,400 Coins
  • Retro Banner – 100 Iron or 800 Coins
  • Poop Bloodspray – 125 Iron or 1,000 Coins


  • Chrome Steel Benjamin Carmine – $9.99 USD
  • Chrome Steel Clayton Carmine – $9.99 USD
  • Chrome Steel Lizzie Carmine – $9.99 USD


We’ve noticed that there is some confusion around the Ice Block Loadout. To help with this, we wanted to set some things clear.

The Ice Block Loadout being released at a future date is mentioned in the What’s Up from August 2019 here. Regarding the other exclusives:

  • Ice Kait: Won’t ever re-release
  • Glacial Armor Kait: Won’t ever re-release
  • Ice Jack: Won’t ever re-release


Execution 2.0 fans, we have great news for you – Execution 2.0 will be available in Quickplay for the remainder of Operation 6! Though it may be leaving the Event tomorrow, you will still be able to play it there.

Wrapping Up

I think this is a pretty great week for Gears fans.

Personally, the Carmines are my boys, so I had to grab both of their Chrome Steel skins.

I’m also really excited about Horde mode, including the Locust enemy types. I think this is a great step in the right direction for PVE and one step closer to having a more fine-tuned, immersive experience similar to past iterations of the Horde.

Will you be picking up any of the new skins, and what do you think about the game mode additions this week? Let us know in the comments below!

For everything else Gears related, keep it here.

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