The epic sci-fi RPG returns in an all new package later this year.

What’s New?

The Legendary Edition boats visual upgrades, textures, lighting, and HUD elements, as well as a slew of improvements to Mass Effect.

The Mass Effect changes include a reworked inventory, aim assist, a zoom snap feature allowing you to quickly line up your targets, and a rebalancing of all the weapons to maintain a similar feel to that of the weapons in 2 and 3.

Other Mass Effect improvements include updated enemy and squad AI, no more class restricted weapons use, rebalanced XP distribution so you can hit the level cap before heading into New Game Plus, updated autosave locations for a more streamlined experience should players find themselves on the wrong side of a firefight, updated boss battles, reduced cooldown for First Aid, and an updated HUD.

The notorious Mako is also seeing an update in the form of a speed boost and updated physics. I’m sure players can expect something similar to the vehicle controls in Andromeda here.

Players will also be happy to hear that the elevator load times have been drastically reduced for a more cohesive experience.

The Legendary Edition will also include a revamped character creator that allows players to play with all creator options from Mass Effect 3, this includes the use of FemShep in Mass Effect, as well as streamlining the ability to import any created character across all three games – no more cumbersome import menus to deal with this time around.

For a more in-depth rundown of all the new features, check out MrMattyPlays‘ video below:

Over 40 DLC packs are included across all three titles including all promo weapons and armor packs, companions, and quests. Sadly, “Pinnacle Station” will not be added to this bundle, as the dev team was unable to implement it as they lost the code.

The overall package will also support a 4k visual upgrade, including updated character models, as well as the previously mentioned lighting, textures, environments, etc.

All three games will be accessible via a single launcher, so players don’t need to worry about clogging up their game libraries.

Sadly, Mass Effect 3”s multiplayer is going to be left behind, likely due to the problems its egregious pack system worked.

Release Date

The announced release date for Mass Effect Legendary Edition is May 14, 2021, and it will be releasing on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Wrapping Up

Personally, the series is a favorite of mine, and although I will, never not be mad about how they ended things in 3, I still adore the series, and I will be picking this up. I’m looking forward to doing another full playthrough and experiencing all the new coats of paint this time around.

Are you looking forward to Mass Effect Legendary Edition ? Let us know below. For everything else Mass Effect, keep it here.

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