Mojang has popped out yet another snapshot already with more new and fun content to explore.

Patch Notes

Below are the patch notes from the Minecraft Java client.

New features in 21w10a

  • Added Lush Caves underground biome!
  • Added Cracked Deepslate Bricks and Cracked Deepslate Tiles
  • There is now an Infested variant of Deepslate found in the underground
  • While they will not generate in the world by default, Deepslate versions of copper, emerald and coal ores have been added for use by creators of maps and data packs

Lush caves biome

The Lush Caves underground biome now exists for use in single-biome worlds. It does not yet generate in other world types.

  • Moss covers the floors and ceilings
  • Spore Blossoms grow from the ceiling and drip particles
  • Contains clay pools with dripleaf plants grow out of them
  • Contains azalea bushes and flowering azalea bushes
  • The azalea tree loves to have its roots in lush caves, so if you find an azalea tree (either overground or in a cave) you know there is a lush cave beneath you
  • Cave vines with glow berries grow from the ceiling and light up the caves

Changes in 21w10a

  • Cobbled Deepslate can now be smelted into Deepslate.
  • Deepslate can now be placed along any axis
  • Lightning rods can now be waterlogged
  • Fossils in the deepest part of the underground generate with deepslate diamond ore instead of coal ore
  • Some ore textures have been updated
Minecraft Snapshot 21w10a texture comparison (cropped)

Ore texture changes in snapshot 21w10a. 

Minecraft Snapshot 21w10a texture comparison 2 (cropped)

New textures for emerald, coal, and copper in Deepslate. Click here for a link to the full resolution image.

Ore distribution

Overworld ore generation has been tweaked.

  • More emeralds in mountains
  • More lapis
  • Less copper, gold, and redstone
  • Smaller diamond blobs, but slightly more frequent. Less diamond ore overall though
  • Less iron, and it generates lower down
  • Reduced air exposure for coal
Minecraft Snapshot 21w10a ores distribution (cropped)

Ore distribution in snapshot 21w10a. 

Technical Changes in 21w10a

  • The game now runs using OpenGL 3.2 core profile
  • The maximum size that slimes can be summoned with is now 128
  • The give command can only give up to 100 stacks of items at a time (e.g. 6400 stone or 100 iron swords)


Rendering is now using OpenGL 3.2 core profile. All fixed function rendering has been replaced with shader based rendering.


Shaders are now included for all supported render states. Any shader except for the blit shader can also be replaced in resource packs. For now replacing these shaders is not officially supported and the way it works may change in the future.

The current rendering engine uses a system similar to the post processing shader pipeline. There are some differences between both system that cater to the slightly different requirements.

Bugs fixed in 21w10a

  • MC-29318 Client misses inventory updates while player is manipulating items causes invisible items
  • MC-84121 Shape of glow effect is based on mob’s base layer
  • MC-87019 Only visible slots are updated clientside when you are inside an inventory
  • MC-154094 Lectern running /clear turns items into ghost items
  • MC-175964 Setblock command run by book in lectern to clear inventory run in command block causes ghost items
  • MC-201316 The /give command can create so many items that the game will freeze
  • MC-207818 Placing a sign from the offhand closes the sign UI immediately
  • MC-208301 /clear does not properly affect the item on the mouse pointer after crafting it
  • MC-210408 /spawnpoint allows players to set their spawnpoint to out-of-bounds coordinates, which crashes the game when trying to respawn
  • MC-211666 Guardians attack invisible axolotls
  • MC-212127 Normal ink sac and glow ink sac are not grouped in the creative inventory
  • MC-212144 Subtitles refer to Glow Item Frame as “Item Frame”
  • MC-212168 Ctrl + Pick Block doesn’t copy block state “lit”
  • MC-212236 Cannot visually critical-hit a glow squid (No sound/particles)
  • MC-212314 Glow squid remains dark even if there is a light source block next to it
  • MC-212325 Glow Squid entity data (potion effects, custom name, …) does not get saved
  • MC-214629 FOV decreases when underwater regardless of FOV Effects accessibility setting
  • MC-214781 Lava does not generate at the very bottom of noise caves
  • MC-214784 Fossils can generate floating in caves
  • MC-214836 Water caves cause land to be excessively flooded
  • MC-214844 Bedrock can be exposed to the air at the very bottom of the new caves
  • MC-214970 Phantoms continously make too much flapping sounds
  • MC-215194 Structure blocks do not work below y=0
  • MC-215838 There is currently no way to craft deepslate tiles and deepslate bricks
  • MC-215850 Deepslate Tile Wall comes before Deepslate Brick Wall but Deepslate Bricks come before Deepslate Tiles in creative inventory
  • MC-215939 Emerald ore spawns in lower frequencies than it should above y=100
  • MC-216136 Polished deepslate slab isn’t grouped with the other deepslate slabs in creative inventory
  • MC-216363 Crash upon replacing soul sand or magma with the other under a tall bubble column using /setblock
  • MC-216735 Stone Lapis Ore generating in Deepslate
  • MC-216736 Lava lakes generate exposed in caves
  • MC-216765 Coal ore can generate below Y=0 when attached to a fossil
  • MC-216817 Inconsistency: Cobbled deepslate cannot be smelted back into deepslate
  • MC-218139 Spectator vision bug

Check out wattles coverage of the patch notes below.

My Thoughts

The new lush caves biomes are really cool. I think the implementation of new underground biomes and blocks such as the lush cave and deepslate will really help spice up cave diving. With cave diving being one of the biggest things to do in Minecraft, the more content like this, the better.

However, I still can’t say it enough that I desperately want to see some tools, weapons, and armor come from copper ore. Thankfully, the patch is still far from release, so there’s still time.

Wrapping Up

Wouldn’t it be great if Mojang surprised us with a new ore next snapshot exclusive to the new lush cave biome? Here’s hoping!

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