I have such a love-hate relationship with No Man’s Sky, but one thing I cannot deny about the game is that it has one of the most well-known redemption stories in gaming in the past few years.

No Man’s Sky launched as a game full of more empty promises than the actual content. Since that incredibly rocky launch, a launch that was so rocky the game was dubbed “No Man’s Buy,” the devs have pumped out update after update to make good on the promises they made while the game was in development.

What we have now is a really well rounded game that can give you hundreds of hours of content if you can get into the game.

What is the Expeditions Update

This newest update focuses on something that I can say I have personally had an issue with the game – starting off co-op with friends. The Expeditions update offers a proper co-op mode to choose from when launching the game.

Check out the official post from the devs.

This update really is something that the game needed, and as with previous updates, I applaud the dev team for taking the time to push this out.

I personally think No Man’s Sky is an incredible game and love how far its come from launch, but I continuously have issues getting into the game. I’ll sink 5 to 10 hours into it over a day or two and then become frustrated with something or simply fall out of love with my game I have started.

I look forward to trying out a fresh co-op game with the new update to see if this time is the time that I fully dive into all of the content that No Man’s Sky has.

Watch the official trailer below.

Wrapping Up

Are you an avid No Man’s Sky player and excited to have a proper way to play co-op with your friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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