It’s hard to find someone who isn’t currently or was at one point a fan of World of Warcraft. Let’s be honest, if you are or were a fan of WoW, then Northrend holds a special place in your heart.

The Valheim Northrend mod has recreated the Northrend continent, but in Valheim. This is such a cool mod to see and I can’t wait to see where the mod creator goes with this.

Currently, all of Northrend is created, from a geographical standpoint. The crowning point of Northrend, Icecrown Citadel, is not in the mod yet sadly. But given Valheim ‘s building engine and the mod creator’s dedication so far, I am sure it’ll be in the mod in no time.

Where to Download

Here is the nexus mod link to download the Valheim Northrend mod.

You can also use the Nexus app to make installation even easier. If you prefer to install the mod as it is, the page offers great install instructions.

In order to use the Valheim Northrend mod, you will need to have the Better Continents mod installed and up to date as well.

Check out the link for the Better Continents mod.

You will need to have the mods installed on your client as well as the server that you’re playing on.

Check out ConCon‘s video below on how to install mods without a mod client.

Wrapping Up

Valheim certainly hit the ground running and became popular quickly. It’s really cool to see that it already has a pretty strong mod community and I am stoked to see what other fun mods come into play in the future.

For everything else Valheim, keep it here.

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