Fortnite’s new season is all about the aliens, and finding alien artifacts throughout the map is the only way to unlock more customization for the new Kymera skin.

All About the Alien Artifacts

The alien artifacts are what give players the currency to purchase additional style options for Kymera.

These artifacts are found at specific locations on the map.

Currently, there are 5 available artifacts to collect, and each artifact gives players a handful of currency to spend on Kymera customization options.

The locations for the artifacts are as follows:

season 7 week 1 artifact locations
  • Believer Beach – at the bottom of the Spire stairs east of Believer Beach
  • Corny Complex – in the orchard to the north of Corny Complex, across the road
  • Catty Corner – up the scratching post to the west of this location
  • Weeping Woods – inside a wooden shack that’s close to the Durrr burger west of Weeping Woods
  • Zero Point – at the base of the new crater in the middle of the map

You can check out a great visual guide from randomChievos‘ below.

These artifacts are released weekly, so for now, players can only collect the five listed here. Next week, we will see even more drop throughout the map for collection, which means even more Kymera options to unlock. So, stay tuned for more on that as it releases.

Wrapping Up

I love collectibles, so this works for me, and I think the Kymera skin is an interesting idea despite not being a huge fan of the skin and its options.

I do wonder, however, what this means for the future of season pass skins and what customization options may lead to down the line.

What do you think about the Kymera skin? Have you found all of your artifacts yet, and was this article helpful for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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