Ark How To Tame a Fjordhawk2

With the release of the newest official Ark map Fjordur, comes one of the most game breaking tames to date, the Fjordhawk.

Ark How to Tame a Fjordhawk
Full credit for to the official Fjordur launch page on Steam for the images

What makes the Fjordhawk so good?

The Fjordhawk has one basic mechanic. On death, the Fjordhawk on your back will carry all of the items in your inventory that it can carry to your respawn location. And fortunately for everyone, the Fjordhawk can carry a lot.

Now as simple as this is, it is revolutionary for players of Ark.

In both PVP and PVE this ability is damn near invaluable. Suddenly in PVP, you are feeling a little more courageous before starting a raid or going after another player.

You can now grab a Wyvern egg without having to worry about the ride out of the trench. Now you can just let the Wyverns kill you (although risky with lightning Wyverns and their powerful blast, which may kill your Fjordhawk too) and have your new Fjordhawk simply bring the egg back to you.

This even opens up the possibility of fast traveling around the map to different beds and bringing items with you. This will be a complete game changer to how early games can be played.

For more detailed info on the new Fjordhawk, check out their wiki page.

How do you tame the Fjordhawk?

Now taming a Fjordhawk is incredibly easy in theory, but incredibly infuriating in practice.

To tame a Fjordhawk is simple. You simply find them in the wild and they will follow you once you get close enough. Usually more than one will follow you at a time as well.

With a Fjordhawk following you, you simply need to kill creatures and let the Fjordhawks eat the bodys. Super easy right? God, I wish.

I think I would rather tame a breeding pair of Shadowmanes than try to tame a Fjordhawk again. That is, before knowing the easiest way to do it.

But how do you tame a Fjordhawk quickly?

Now comes to why you are really here. As the title implies, there is an incredibly easy way to tame Fjordhawks and it boils down to one word. Ovis.

Everybody’s favorite sheep is once again the hero we need, but don’t deserve.

I’ll spare you the details of why it actually works how it does, involving drag weight mechanics and other boring concepts, and keep it simple.

Feeding an Ovis to a Fjordhawk will almost always insta-tame it. The key factor to the tame is its health. Now I found that finding a wild Ovis near a Fjordhawk to be a bit of an annoying task. So I put in some effort to make the process even easier.

Getting a breeding pair of Ovis and putting every point of the offspring into health makes the task of taming a Fjordhawk a joke.

With your newly bred Ovis in hand, you can now unclaim them, kill them in front of the Fjordhawk and watch the magic happen. I had one Ovis tame, one Fjordhawk fully, and a second one half full.

All credit for this technique has to go to Teachers Game Too on Youtube. He was where I first saw the concept and decided to breed up some Ovis and test it out myself. Check out the video below!

Wrapping up

With this new knowledge in your possession, I hope you are able to avoid the pain that I endured trying to tame this awesome new shoulder pet.

Now go out there and grab yourself some easy Wyvern eggs!

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