Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Way to Level

So you’ve finished your Tomb Runs, and you’re finally ready to get your character to the big leagues. Baal Runs will be the best way to do that and are probably one of the most well-known farming methods in the game’s history.

What is a Baal Run?

A Baal Run is pretty straightforward and yet can differ depending on the group you are running with.

To start, you will take the Worldstone Keep Level 2 waypoint. From there, you are looking for Worldstone Keep Level 3. Inside Level 3, you will find the Throne of Destruction where Baal resides.

Now, the massive experience in Baal Runs comes from the rare packs that Baal summons every time before he enters the world stone portal.

The difference in Baal Runs comes once these rares are killed. Some people only kill the rares and restart, which would be the most efficient way to run.

Others will go inside the world stone portal and kill Baal. There is no right or wrong answer as to which method is correct, just that leaving Baal will be slightly more efficient.

As the title says, Baal Runs can be done efficiently until level 40ish. Some people stop in the early 40s, some stop mid 40s, and some do them until level 50 before starting nightmare.

Personally, I do Baal Runs until level 45.

What is the Most Efficient Way to do Baal Runs?

With most exp grinds in Diablo II Resurrected, you will be most efficient in a group of 8 people. So just like with previous runs, you will want to look for lobbies full of people to run with.

When looking in the lobby, anything with “Baal” in the name will be for a Baal Run.

Like previously, lobbies will keep the same base name. So, for example, “BaalWalk02” becomes “BaalWalk03” once the game is finished.

Due to how quickly some people can find the Throne of Destruction, grinding Baal Runs with an active group can be incredibly quick. I’ve gone from 25 to 40 in no time at all with an active group with a good leader.

Baal Runs

Wrapping Up

Baal Runs are one of my favorite leveling methods in the game. They are super-efficient, and I find them ridiculously satisfying.

I think it’s the number of levels that you get so quickly, and at this level, adding 15-20 skill points to your build quickly can make a noticeable difference.

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