Dr. Slone’s Pulse Rifle is a unique, mythic-tier weapon that players can acquire at a specific location on the map during season 7.

Dr. Slone’s Pulse Rifle Location

Dr. Slone's Pulse Rifle

The location players want to aim for is Corny Complex.

Once players land, they will want to look for a set of bilco doors that will lead underground to a hidden laboratory.

Down below you will find Dr. Slone hanging out as well as a few NPC guards.

So, the strategy here is to land -> head to the basement entrance behind the red barn -> take out the guards -> and then take our Slone to get her mythic rifle.

Players will need to come prepared for this battle, however, so grabbing whatever weapons available along the way is highly recommended.

Slone will summon doppelganger, so this can be a challenging fight.

Slone’s Pulse Rifle functions like the alien battle rifles but with much higher damage output, so players will want to grab this as soon as they’re able.

As with other pulse rifle type guns, this has really nice range, and is super accurate, especially when crouching.

You can check out a great visual guide from randomChievos‘ below.

Wrapping Up

I think these unique, mythic weapons are a really nice addition, and it creates an opportunity for players to aim for each match. Players who can obtain this weapon will likely do well in that match, as this particular rifle is extremely accurate, even at longer ranges, and it does a ton of damage.

Will you be seeking out Dr. Slone’s mythic pulse rifle? Have you already found it? What do you think of how it plays and is it something you try to get each match? Let us know all about your experiences in the comments below!

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