Minecraft Enchanting

Finding diamonds in Minecraft opens a world of possibilities of what to do next, but how often do you think “I’m going to make an enchanting table in Minecraft with these diamonds!”

Probably not very often, but maybe you should.

Crafting the Enchanting Table

Now, I do have to contradict myself a bit here. In order to fully craft an enchanting table with your newfound diamonds, you will already need a diamond pickaxe to harvest obsidian. So lets pretend that you managed to find 5 diamonds in your ore cluster.

With those 5 diamonds, you will use 3 of the diamonds to craft a diamond pickaxe. Boom, you’re now mining in the big leagues.

Once you have your newly-crafted pickaxe at your side, it’s time to mine.

You are going to need four obsidian blocks for the table, and more if you want to form a portal to go to the nether! So get to mining those lava pools. The easiest way to get obsidian is to bring a bucket of water down into your mines and pour it over a standing lava pool.

From there, carefully, mine away at the obsidian until you have 4 blocks(or more) for your enchanting table.

You now have four obsidian and two diamonds leftover. All that you’re lacking is a book. Books can be found in villages and around the world on occasion. They can also be crafted with 3 paper and 1 piece of leather.

Once you have your book, you’re ready to craft your very own enchanting station.

Enchanting table in Minecraft

Crafting the Library You’ll Need

So now you have your enchanting table crafted. You’re ready to enchant your heart out! Right? Sadly, no…

Now you need a library to support your end game enchants!

Ultimately, you can use your new enchanting table without any bookcases, but you will only get low level enchants.

In order to fully utilize your enchanting table, you will need 15 bookcases within a one block radius of the table.

Enchanting table in Minecraft

In order to craft bookcases, you will either need to steal from villages or start a sugar cane farm for paper as well as slaughter some cows.

Books are created from three paper and one leather.

And finally, sandwich that between some wood and ta-dah, you have a bookcase!

Below is your generic setup for an enchanting table bookcase. But as long as you have 15 bookcases within one block of the enchanting table, you will get the maximum benefits.

Enchanting table in Minecraft

Now that you’ve crafted your enchanting table and library, you need one final ingredient. Lapis Lazuli!. Lapis is the fuel, so to speak, of the enchanting table. It is used to create enchants on your weapons, armors and books.

Want to learn more about enchanting and its recipes? Check out the official Minecraft Wiki page on enchanting.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have an enchanting table, you’re one step closer to conquering the End!

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