Nether fortresses are no longer the most exciting thing in the biome thanks to the latest Nether patch in Minecraft. Today we will go over how to find a bastion remnant in Minecraft.

What Biomes do Bastion Remnants Spawn in?

Much like finding a Nether fortress in Minecraft, Bastion Remnants can be tricky to find but are incredibly exciting and rewarding once you find them.

Bastion Remnants can spawn in every biome except Basalt Deltas, so if you find yourself surrounded with blackstone, basalt, and a thick volcanic fog, head in the opposite direction.

Much like a Nether fortress, bastion remnants stick out pretty easily once you are near one. It will be a dark black structure composed of basalt and blackstone (which is probably why the devs didn’t have them spawn in basalt deltas).

There are 4 different styles of bastion remnant that can spawn as well.

how to find a bastion remnant in minecraft

Once you’ve located your bastion remnant, it’s time to head inside for some fat loot.

What Can You Find in Bastion Remnants?

If you want to avoid conflict, you can equip yourself with a piece of gold armor before entering the bastion to avoid being attacked.

Once inside, you can find chests full of good loot, from crying obsidian to diamond gear! You can check out the Minecraft wiki page for more details of the full loot tables.

You will also find gold ore blocks inside that can be mined and brought back.

If you choose not to wear gold armor, prepare for a fight from the local piglins inside.

Want to learn all about bastion remnants? Check out the official Minecraft wiki page here.

Wrapping Up

We’re going to be covering some more basics of Minecraft in the future, so stay tuned!

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