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The Recon class is Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s resident sniper support class and requires players to first unlock it before it’s useable.

What is the Recon Class

The Recon Class is a sniper/support class which allows players the utility of marking far-off enemies for all players to see, as well as providing long-range sniper support. The Recon class pairs exceptionally with Demolishers, but is an overall great support for any team compositions.

On higher difficulties, this class is almost a must-have support unit, as Recon scouts are able to highlight all enemies on the map for a period of time. Beyond that, they are also able to throw down ammo boxes that refill the team’s ammo while also reducing enemy damage which is great for instances where players get swarmed.

The Recon class features gunplay after my own part. Shotguns and rifles are always my favorite games in any type of shooter, so I am certainly looking forward to leveling this class up and making it my go-to.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite

How to Unlock the Recon Class

Unlocking the Recon class is incredibly straightforward. In order to unlock the Recon class, you simply need to beat the campaign on any difficulty.

The simplicity in unlocking this class is certainly a breath of fresh air considering the current microtransaction/loot box game model that we see far too often.

For a video rundown on unlocking the Recon class, check out BloodThirstyLord’s video below.

Wrapping Up

It’s awesome to see a developer put a focus on unlockable content in a game that just requires farming in-game currency, and not having the focus be on real-world currency transactions. It’s a refreshing and old-school take on unlocking content that the devs know we want.

What do you think of the Recon class and its unlock method? Let us know in the comments below!

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