Everyone’s favorite scientist Rick Sanchez has joined the island in Season 7. With that, you can find Rick located in-game as an NPC already.

Rick Sanchez is located near the center of the map in the new area as seen below.

Rick Sanchez

Once you land, Rick Sanchez will be inside a laboratory. As of right now, he doesn’t offer too much. But no doubt, as the season’s story progresses, we will see more from him.

It’s also worth noting that you do gain quests from him in your quest tab, but you don’t need to talk with him to do so. That said, it’s always a great idea to track down as many of the NPCs as you can each season to get them added to your collection, and, as previously stated, he may be a part of more quests in the future and even give out some quests to the player upon speaking with him.

Rick is also a skin you can get by hitting level 100 in the battle pass and buying him with the required amount of stars. This is another huge crossover for Fortnite, and players are super excited to get their hands on this skin. Rick also has an unlockable alternate style for players to grab once they hit level 100 and have the stars available to unlock the style.

You can check out a great visual guide showing where to find Rick from randomChievos‘ below.

Wrapping Up

Will you be grinding it out this season to unlock Rick as soon as possible? What do you think of his inclusion in the game, and do you like his added gear this season? Let us in the comments if you’re excited about Rick being included in this season of Fortnite.

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