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Since Diablo II Resurrected’s release, we here at Day One have been wondering what activating the gem in lobbies does; so, to answer that question and bring you the answer, we dug deep to find out – Absolutely nothing.

Seriously, You’re Sure it Does Nothing?

Yep. I mean, I think. Activating the gem within the lobby does nothing.

No, honestly, it does nothing.

The “Gem Activated” text in the lobby is an old Easter egg from the original that they brought back. Originally, the gem activated message was tied in with the Secret Cow Level. It’s funny that you can go into the Options menu and change the Gem Activated to either auto or manual, yet both options display “Working as Intended” when you hover over them. This is also a nod to the original Gem Activated button where the developer response to questions regarding it were “Working as intended.”

If nothing else, the inclusion of the mysterious Gem Activated shows Blizzards dedication and love for its roots and player base.

It was also cool to see new players to the game be confused about what the gem did just like I was as a young teenager.

Diablo 2 Resurrected activating the gem

But seriously. It doesn’t do anything, I swear.

Wrapping Up

Glad we could answer this age-old question for all of our viewers.

Let us know your thoughts on activating the Gem in the lobby in the comments below, or over on Twitter @DayOneGames.

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