Find out how to unlock Death Warden’s Greatblade, better looking swords to pick up for your Mog Closet, and a decent starter weapon for fresh evel 60s.

How to Get Death Warden’s Greatblade

Paladins will be happy to add this sword to their Mog closet, as it has a unique Silver Hand emblem on the hilt, and it generally looks great overall.

Death Warden’s Greatblade is very easy to get. It drops from a rare called Dark Watcher in the top left corner of Bastion. Now, the circumstances of finding the rare are a bit unique.

The Dark Watcher NPC can be found at a pool around 28, 30 at the top left map of Bastion. Upon arriving at the pool, you’ll notice that there is no rare and you have a strange debuff.

The unique part of the Dark Watcher is that it only spawns when you are a ghost.

To fight the Dark Watcher, you need to die. Fortunately, to assist with that, there are two crane mobs that you can aggro and let them kill you(very slowly if you are decently geared).

Once dead, you will spawn at a graveyard right near the rare and be able to interact with the Dark Watcher.

The Dark Watcher challenges you to a fight, but is classy about it and will heal you to full health before attacking.

The fight itself isn’t terrible for a rare. As a fresh level 60, I was able to take down the Dark Watcher with the use of all of my cooldowns.

The two cranes will get dragged into the fight at some point, so keep that in mind as well.

The greatest challenge of the whole thing is getting the damn sword to drop for you.

I had the sword drop for me on my 15th try, and while that sucked, many people on WoW‘s forums have reported going 60 days with multiple characters without a drop.

The sword is estimated at an 8% drop rate per Wowhead, so you’ll likely be spending a lot of time on this fight.

There is no evidence to suggest any class or covenant has an advantage at getting the sword to drop, and any class that can equip a 2h sword can have it drop.

The Dark Watcher can be looted once per day, per elidable character.

The sword itself, however, is incredible looking. It has the Silver Hand logo on it and matches with any light-themed mog, and is the perfect companion to most paladin mog sets. I’m absolutely stoked to finally have this drop for me.

Wrapping Up

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