The bonus character for this Fortnite season is none other than the Predator himself from the 80s movie franchise. The Predator, skin as well as other Predator-themed goodies, are available under “Jungle Hunter” missions.

As of today, all of the missions are available to complete.

Where and How to Get the Predator Skin

In order to complete the Jungle Hunter missions, you must own this season’s battle pass.

Getting the Predator skin is actually incredibly easy. All you need to do is find and kill the Predator.

The mission suggests that you bring along 3 other players to take him down, however, if you and a friend are careful, it can be done pretty easily with two people.

First off, you will need to head to the stealthy stronghold in the north-west region of the map.

Once there, you will need to look around the area to see where the Predator spawns. He has no set spawn but is usually pretty easy to find.

As you get closer to him you will start to hear Predator-like noises. He will be cloaked when you first encounter him, but a good indication that you’ve found him will be the battle music being triggered. Once you land a few hits on him, his cloak will disappear and he becomes even easier to hit. Once you down him, you and anyone in your party will have completed the mission.

Wrapping Up

Will you be taking down the Predator to claim this skin, and what are some of the other skins you’ve been enjoying this season? Let us know in the comments below.

Season 5, Chapter 2 ends March 15th. Be sure to grab this great looking skin before then!

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