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Gears 5: Operation 7 Tour of Duty Unlocks

Below is the official list of all available unlocks for this Tuesday's, May 18th, Operation 7 update. For the full rundown of Operation 7 content, check out our article here, or head on over to the Gears 5 news section to check it all out for yourself.

Gears 5: Operation 7 Info

Gears 5 is getting ready to head into it's seventh iteration of its Operations-based content with a new map, new characters, and more on the way Cole Train's daughter Hana is finally joining the cast after her initial introduction during the Hivebuster's campaign, and she is joined by Gears: Tactics antagonist Ukkon.
chrome steel ben

Gears 5 Skins: Chrome Steel Benjamin Carmine

The Coalition has been slowly rereleasing a lot of their older E-Sports Chrome Steel skins, and they are also adding some new ones to the mix as well.
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Gears 5: Weekly Update April 27 – May 3

Another week, another This Week In Gears (TWIG) post. We've pulled all the patch notes from the Dev post this week, so you don't have to. Take a look at all the new events this week, including a Classic Horde style where you fight the Locust, shop updates, new E-sports skins, and more. I'm also really excited about the Classic Horde mode against the Locust enemy types. I think this is a great step in the right direction for PVE, and one step closer to having a more fine-tuned, immersive experience similar to past iterations of the Horde.
op6 dp2

Gears 5: Operation 6 Drop 2 Update – Everything You Need...

An update to Operation 6 has just been announced, and here's all the coverage you'll need. This time around, we get some new content at the initial 'drop' of the new operation, with more content sprinkled throughout the Operation's life span.

Gears 5: Versus Event – Bunny Hunt

Bunny Hunt is Gears 5's latest limited-time holiday mode. There are a few new medals to earn in the Bunny Hunt mode, and completing all three of them unlocks the Rabid Grenadier skin to use in all modes. This is a bunny-themed Locust skin, and it looks pretty neat. It's a much more lore-friendly skin, so I'll take it.

Gears 5: Operation 6

Gears 5's operation 6 is now live. That means another round of grinding, medals, and rewards. Operation 6 Operation 6 is similar to the earlier operations...

Gears 5: A Re-Update

This week's Gears 5 update see the long awaited reworking of the Re-Up system. Players haveen been anxious for a long time for some reworking of these rewards. From Launch until now, all you would get for Re- Upping (hitting rank 100 and resetting back to rank 1) was 1 weapon skin per Re-Up. This was not recieved well, as in past games you were rewarded with entire weapon skin sets, and even character skins, in some cases, based on the amount of times you Re-Upped.