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Magic: Legends Beta is Available Now for Free on Epic Game...

Magic: Legends open beta recently dropped on the Epic Game Store as a free-to-play ARPG that takes place in the Magic the Gathering universe. The gameplay is where the game shines. It's an ARPG that plays very smoothly. I was playing with a gamepad and had no issues keeping a good flow of spells going. My biggest gripe with the mechanics is definitely the deck system for spells though. You shuffle through what spells you can cast based on how your deck of spells is composed. I know this is incredibly fitting for the MTG universe, but it wasn't something I enjoyed.

Grab Your Free Magic: Legends Epic Planeswalker Starter Pack

With the Magic: Legends beta launching on the Epic Game Store, now is your chance to pick up a free pack of loot before time runs out.