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World of Warcraft Classic: The Burning Crusade Classic Deluxe Edition Mount?

Recent datamined images have hinted toward a Deluxe Edition for World of Warcraft Classic's The Burning Crusade expansion. The Burning Crusade Classic Deluxe Edition is allegedly a bundle that grants purchasers a mount in The Burning Crusade Classic expansion, a similar mount in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, a custom Dark Portal Hearthstone toy, and the Path of Illidan toy.
herobrine au

Among Us Herobrine Imposter Mod

Herobrine joins the roster of unofficial Among Us mods complete with lore-friendly abilities to terrify your crewmates. As we cover these Among Us mods, they become more and more elaborate. The Herobrine mod adds a ton of unique models and areas to the game, as well as completely new gameplay mechanics. It's a shame the game isn't hooked up with something like the Steam workshop.

Among Us King Kong Mod and Download Information

Making its debut alongside the Godzilla mod, Among Us now has a King Kong mod for the Imposter. As King Kong, players can grab crewmembers and lift them into the air, slam them down for a kill, leap all over the map, do an area-of-effect ground pound, and even drop a replica Empire State Building on helpless crewmembers.

Fortnite: Chonkers Off-Road Tires Update

As usual in a new Fortnite season, fresh content is dropping regularly, and this time it's in the form of an upgrade to some of the cars around the map. From sports cars to big rigs, if it had tires before, they're now monster truck tires with this newest update.
op6 dp2

Gears 5: Operation 6 Drop 2 Update – Everything You Need...

An update to Operation 6 has just been announced, and here's all the coverage you'll need. This time around, we get some new content at the initial 'drop' of the new operation, with more content sprinkled throughout the Operation's life span.

Gears 5: A Re-Update

This week's Gears 5 update see the long awaited reworking of the Re-Up system. Players haveen been anxious for a long time for some reworking of these rewards. From Launch until now, all you would get for Re- Upping (hitting rank 100 and resetting back to rank 1) was 1 weapon skin per Re-Up. This was not recieved well, as in past games you were rewarded with entire weapon skin sets, and even character skins, in some cases, based on the amount of times you Re-Upped.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Everything You Need to Know

The epic sci-fi RPG returns in an all new package later this year. The Mass Effect changes include a reworked inventory, aim assist, a zoom snap feature allowing you to quickly line up your targets, and a rebalancing of all the weapons to maintain a similar feel to that of the weapons in 2 and 3.