Nintendo recently had a Nintendo Switch reveal, specifically for indie games. In it are many sweet-looking games that any gamer could get excited about. You can learn a little about each title announced below.


Indie titles are always fun, and the Switch is the perfect system for easily-digestible titles like these.

It’s nice that the showcase had a little bit of something for everything.

Personally, I’m super excited about the TMNT reveal, and I cannot wait to start playing that. FEZ is also another exciting announcement, and with how much I love ports to the Switch, I can’t wait to see these all hit the e-Shop and everything else that’s to come down the road.

Check out the full coverage below.

Wrapping Up

I was on the fence about the Switch when it was first announced, but soon after buying it quickly became one of my favorite handhelds that I’ve ever owned. Indie games really work well with Switch’s business model, in my opinion, so this reveal is perfect for Switch owners everywhere.

Are you excited for any of the announced titles, and, if so, what do you plan on picking up? Let us know in the comments below!

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