350 mil banner reveal
350 million download celebration banners

The 350 Million download celebration is right around the corner for both GBL and JP players, focusing on the Namek saga.

What is the 350 Million Download Celebration?

The 350 million download celebration is a joint celebration across the GBL and JP versions of Dokkan Battle. This is different from all other celebrations as most occur first on JP and later on GBL.

Lots of free goodies are handed out during the countdown period, which has been going on for the past week; these include dragon stones, Hercule Statues, Zeni, training items, Elder Kais, and hidden potential orbs. There is also the bonus Hercule login which grants an additional random amount of the aforementioned goodies.

A new free-to-play Zarbon unit will be released during this celebration as well. This will give players a new unit to farm up and add to their collections. Memorial Dragon Stones will also be returning, and these can be redeemed for characters in the Baba shop. The Memorial Dragon Stones are a great way to scoop up a unit that players are missing from their collections.

For a video rundown on what to expect from the celebration, check out DaTruth’s video below.

350 Million Tickets and Banners

The biggest draw from the X-numbered download celebrations, however, are the tickets. A certain amount of tickets can be earned via login and special missions. Once the event officially kicks off, players are awarded tickets based on how many dragon stones they have spent from the end of the previous download celebration countdown period until the start of the current download celebration countdown period.

This translates roughly to a year’s worth of calculation.

Players are awarded 1 ticket per 50 dragon stones spent.

This year, these tickets can be spent on a total of 4 separate banners. 2 of these banners are identical to the other two; they simply allow you to spend your tickets at a higher rate. So, players can spend 50 tickets at once to get 50 characters, or they can spend them 1 at a time to gain 1 character or 7 at a time to gain 7 characters.

Regardless of which banner players decide to pull on, the rates are the same across the board for singles, 7 character multis, and 50 character multis.

These banners are great opportunities to pick up some really useful characters and acquire dupes to strengthen the cards players already have.

Both banners have great value, so players should aim for whichever banner has the characters they still need to acquire and chase dupes after the fact.

Celebration LR Banners

That’s right; the download celebration will also kick off with two new LR banners to coincide with the theme of this celebration.

This year’s theme is the Namek saga, and both banners have been officially unveiled in the Dokkan Now video above.

These banners will feature a new LR Namek Goku with a new Piccolo support unit and a new LR Namek Frieza with a new Third-form Frieza support unit respectively.

This is super exciting news as it’s been a long time since Dokkan Battle has received cards focused on the Namek sage, and having an LR Goku to represent one of the most monumental battles from the series is a much-welcomed addition to the roster.

When does the 350 Million Download Celebration Begin?

The celebration officially kicks off tomorrow, August 25, and there is a special Dokkan Now scheduled for this Friday, August 27. Unfortunately, there is no news on the new LR Dokkanfest banners yet, so it’s likely we won’t know more until the Dokkan Now releases this Friday.

Wrapping Up

With the celebration right around the corner, the entire player base is really excited, myself included. I’m really looking forward to the new LR Dokkanfest banners. Hopefully, everyone going for these new units will get them without too much trouble, but we all know how Dokkan can be.

Aside from the banners, the upcoming content seems like it will be a lot of fun, and it should give players a decent amount to sink their teeth into for a few days.

What do you think of the upcoming 350 Million Downloads Celebration, and was this article informative? Let u know your thoughts in the comments below.

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