The first boss in Pokémon Legends: Arceus is a new evolution for Scyther, and that means that players can obtain this brutal, new rock/bug typing Pokemon for themselves.

The need to know

  • Kleavor can be obtained relatively easily for all players by evolving a Scyther.
  • To evolve Scyther into Kleavor, players will need to use Black Augurite.
  • Black Augurite can be obtained as a drop from smashing ore, or from defeating certain Pokémon.
  • The Pokémon with the highest drop chances for Black Augurite are Gravelers and Golems.

The hidden key to Kleavor

Kleavor is relatively easy to obtain, so long as players have obtained the appropriate item. All it takes to evolve a Scyther into a Kleavor is a piece of Black Augurite. As with any item-evolution Pokémon, Scyther can evolve using the Black Augurite at any level.

Black Augurite can be obtained as a random drop from Gravelers and Golems, with a roughly 8% drop chance. If black augurite drops after defeating them in battle, it will automatically be added to your inventory. Digging with Ursaluna is another way to obtain the rare stone, as well as randomly finding them on the ground in space-time distortions. Lastly, a piece of Black Augurite can be obtained from the sidequest “A Nosepass to Guide the Way.”

Overall, the easiest way to obtain the stone is to defeat Gravelers as they spawn more frequently than Golems. This is a more reliable method to track the stone down than digging with Ursaluna or waiting for a space-time distortion to form.

Tracking down Gravelers


While Gravelers can be found in all five areas of Legends: Arceus, the Coronet Highlands is the best area in the game to track them down. It’s here that Gravelers spawn the most frequently and in the greatest numbers.

We chose the spot marked on the map above and were lucky enough to obtain the stone after a few kills. Gravelers frequently spawn here, so farming them until the stone drops should be easy enough. There are multiple areas throughout the Coronet Highlands zone where Gravelers spawn, but this spot worked the best for us.

Once the Black Augurite drops, all that needs to be done is to expose Scyther to it in order to trigger the evolution.


Once the Black Augurite is used on Scyther, it will evolve, and the first boss of the game will then be in your party. There are no other requisites to obtaining this new Pokémon other than catching a Scyther, finding a Black Augurite, and using the stone to evolve Scyther.

Kleavor is an interesting mix of bug and rock typing; it certainly isn’t the best Pokémon, but it has a great design, a decent movepool, and even has its own signature move – Stone Axe, a 15 PP move with 65 damage, 90 accuracy, a high crit rate, and a new debuff called splinters, which damage the afflicted Pokemon for several turns. Plus, running one of the boss characters in your party is always downright cool.

Kleavor can also be obtained by catching him directly from a Massive Mass Outbreak in the Obsidian Fieldlands area of the game. The Massive Mass outbreaks are new to the game and were recently added in patch v1.1.0. These outbreaks can be seen on the map prior to traveling from the main city hub. A new outbreak has a chance to occur every time the player returns to the village, so players will want to keep refreshing the map if this is the method they want to obtain Kleavor by.

Wrapping up

Kleavor is a decent Pokémon with a great design, and one of my favorite new additions found in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The movepool for this new Pokémon is decent, and it’s always neat when a Pokémon has its own unique move, especially when it has unique effects. I was excited to find out that Kleavor was obtainable in the game and also how easy it is to obtain it. I got lucky with the drop rate of Black Augurite, but even if I hadn’t, it would still be easy, albeit time-consuming, to obtain this awesome boss Pokemon.

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