Fortnite Armored Battle Bus

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is off to an amazing start. To keep in theme with this incredible season, you can now drive your very own Armored Battle Bus!

Bus drop location

Thankfully, finding the new armored battle bus is super straightforward. You’re going to want to start your journey off in the comfy area of Sanctuary. Near the center of Sanctuary, close to the water, you are going to find your prize.

Seriously. It’s that easy.

The Armored Battle Bus will be waiting for you, fueled and raring to get some kills. The Armored Battle Bus has 2250 hit points and starts with a full tank of gas. Additionally, the Bus comes packed with off-road tires and a cowcatcher already installed. With all that health and those handy addons, the Battle Bus is ready to go anywhere on the map with up to seven players total. This is a great way to start matches off, especially in team games where you can have backup gunners to take out some opponents early and grab some loot without having to worry about resources management. Plus, it’s the Battle Bus, and what player doesn’t want to step behind the wheel of that?

Driving the Battle Bus

The bus itself drives like a normal vehicle, with a boost and radio too!

The top of the bus has a rocket launcher at one seat location and a machine gun at another. With those two seats, there are also 4 normal seats that let you use your weapons freely.

With the battle bus being so easy to access, I’m sure that Sanctuary will start to get some love again and see some activity at the start of most games.

It probably won’t be as popular as tilted towers, but it’s something!

Wrapping up

Everyone’s time to finally drive their own battle bus is here.

Unfortunately, we’re not sure if anyone will thank you when you drive the bus. Let us know on Twitter how you feel about the newest addition to the game!

For everything else Fortnite, keep it here.

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