Activision has dropped a trailer for the newest Call of Duty Zombies mode, Mauer Der Toten.

What is Mauer Der Toten?

This new Mauer Der Toten mode follows the re-introduction of Call of Duty Zombies with the launch of Black Ops Cold War.

Are you confused by the current setup of Call of Duty between Warzone, Zombies, story, and online? Well, don’t worry, so are we, but once you can get past that and understand the current setup, this new zombies mode will be waiting for you to try out.

The new Mauer Der Toten mode officially drops on July 15th.

So, players don’t have too long to wait for this amazing-looking mode. Hopefully, everyone has enough hard drive space to accommodate yet another CoD update.

Bloated file sizes aside, we’re excited to see what this new mode is all about, find all the secrets, and see what new weapons await us. So, stay tuned as more information is unveiled and we get our hands on this new mode ourselves.

Mauer Der Toten cod zombies

The trailer shows off a new handgun-esque superweapon as well as a perk machine that acts like a crazy auto turret to mow down the undead where they stand/hunch.

In true Call of Duty style, the new zombie map looks over the top in a crazy and fun way.

I personally am a huge zombies fan from the original World at War days. While the story can be a bit over the top anymore, Call of Duty Zombies mode never fails to deliver a fun time when it comes to mowing down undead hordes.

You can check out the official launch trailer below.

Wrapping Up

Does the talking crash test dummy with a German accent excite you? Well, rightfully so.

For everything else Call Of Duty, keep it here.

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