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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 jumps from the Alien Mothership and into the Sideways Cube Zones in Cubed.


The new season is all about the new Sideways Cube Zones that add covered, bubbled areas all over the map where gravity is lowered, enemies spawn all around, no building is allowed, and players still have to watch out for competing teams. Needless to say, this will bring a ton of new variations and strategies to the Fortnite experience.

Players can now craft silenced weapons. Grabbing certain crafting materials and upgrading a rifle will transform it into the silenced assault rifle featured a few weeks ago. It also looks like the lever-action shotguns are back in rotation as well the automatic sniper rifle.

There are also new Sideways weapons. Cube Monsters that spawn in the infected, Sideways areas drop these new weapons when they are killed.

The Story

Check out the official Fortnite launch trailer below.

Epic is pushing a community effort this season to thematically blend gameplay elements with the encroaching threat of the Cubes and the Sideways.

Players can now donate gold bars to global defense efforts against the Cube Monsters and the Sideways, which boils down to donating the current to erect turrets around the map for everyone to use.

Here’s what we have so far on the lore, straight from the desk of J.B. Chimpanski:

“The Alien and IO war is over, but a new war has taken shape, one where YOU’RE a combatant. After Slone double-crossed you and left you to perish on the Mothership, the Cubes that powered it are now free. These things are a bigger threat to the Island than those Aliens could’ve ever been. They have no face, no speech, but they’re sentient and have six sides of malice.

If you think the corruption they’ve caused is bad now, you have no idea what can happen if we let them stomp all over the Island. It doesn’t matter if you were pro-Alien or pro-IO, it’ll take all the help we can get to keep the Island from falling. It’s up to everybody — including you — so take my information below and put it to good use.” 

J.B. Chimpanski (Epic Games)

Consuming Shadow Stones transforms players into a shadow-like apparition granting a bonus to movement speed as well as invisibility. In addition, a new type of fish can be caught, which also grants this ability.

Punch cards are making a return, and they have a greater thematic role in terms of helping to tell the organic season story. These also grant XP as you increase their ranks, similar to punch cards in the past.

Group Quests are back, but this time, players accept them from around the map, and all group members contribute to the quest and get the rewards upon completion. In addition, Epic tuned gold bar drops to help push those community goals as the season progresses.

Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass

Now onto the exciting part, the new Chapter2, Season 8 Cubed Battle Pass. This time around, the guest character is Carnage from the Marvel Universe. Other featured characters are J.B. Chimpanski, the warrior-astronaut gorilla, a customizable Toon Fishstick skin (similar to how Kymera worked last season), a Fabio-infused buff Unicorn, and more.

The Battle Pass for this season also works in the same way that last Seasons did. Players gain stars from leveling up and can then freely spend those stars as they choose.

With past Seasons, players will be able to unlock unique colors for the Battle Pass characters post-level 100. Some of the styles are currently available, but most of them are still hidden. Players can view these styles in the Battle Pass menu.

Personally, I’m so excited about Carnage that I already bought all 100 levels of the Battle Pass. I have a weakness for the Marvel characters that I can’t shake. So, I’m looking forward to trying to get all the unique colors as I did for the previous Marvel-themed season.

Wrapping Up

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 looks like it has a lot of potential to be some great fun. Justin and I are anxious to hop into duos together and see how the new Sideways Zones play out, as well as the new Sideways Weapons and how they stack up against other players this season.

Since I boosted to level 100, I eagerly await the new, post-100 skins to grab.

Are you looking forward to all the new content in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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