The Fortnite team has surprised everyone for this 4th of July with a brand new Nitrojerry Skin!

It’s unclear how long the new skin will be in the shop, but one thing that is for certain is that he will be back if you miss him!

Nitrojerry comes with an alternate style as well that features him post firework explosion.

Nitrojerry Skin Cost

  • Nitrojerry skin, Fizzle Back-Bling, and Short Fuse Emote – 1,500 – V-Bucks
  • Sparkleaxe Harvesting Tool – 800 – V-Bucks
  • Boomer Glider – 800 – V-Bucks
  • Roman Candle Emote – 200 – V-Bucks
Nitrojerry Skin

My Thoughts

I think this is a super fun skin that really fits with the 4th of July theme. The character model is super unique as well, which is always awesome to see from the Fortnite team and the effort they put into new skins.

Players have been looking forward to this skin for a long time. Data miners were slowly chipping away at the information surrounding this character in the game’s data. So, it’s great to see Epic find the perfect occasion to release this highly anticipated skin to the shop and for a holiday that matches it.

Beyond that, it seems like the wait paid off. Epic has put considerable time and effort into making this kin look unique, fun, and they even took it a step further and gave Nitrojerry a custom emote.

Nitrojerry Skin

You can check out an in-game look at the new Nitrojerry skin from I Talk below.

Wrapping Up

We hope everyone had a great 4th of July, and most importantly, that nobody looks like the exploded head Nitrojerry after having fun with their fireworks!

Will you be picking this skin up, and how long have you been waiting for Nitrojerry to hit the shop? Let us know all that, and more, in the comments below!

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